Working at EuroMaint Rail

At Euromaint we work with cutting-edge technology and maintenance. Our customers are within the rail transport industries in Sweden and abroad. Our aim is to improve our customers’ competitiveness through the skill and commitment of our employees.

Euromaint has about 1,100 employees in different locations in Sweden and Latvia.  We are an organisation that continuously improves and develops our working methods. Expertise, proximity to the customer and delivery quality are always in focus.

Encourages curiousity and enterprise

One of the aims of our personnel work is to be an attractive employer that can attract and retain the right skills. There are great opportunities for curious, enterprising and technically interested people to develop at Euromaint – this applies both to upper secondary and KY educated people and technicians with university degrees. We strive for a flexible and dynamic organisation and encourage new thinking.

All skills required

We employ repairers, service technicians, production technicians, project managers, maintenance technicians, purchasers and, of course, specialists within corporate functions such as personnel, IT and finance. All skills are required to achieve our goal of continuously improving the customers’ competitiveness and there are many opportunities to develop skills internally.

Accessing the right people is crucial to Euromaint’s success. To ensure skill levels within the company, Euromaint works to identify specialist roles and clarify and encourage the opportunities of specialist careers.

We want to get in contact with you

We actively work to recruit both academics, people with experience of the business community and young freshly graduated people with KY or upper secondary education.

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