Customised spare parts supply

Euromaint Rail’s spare parts warehouse has about 55,000 articles for rolling stock.

From our central warehouse in Örebro in Sweden and service warehouses strategically located, we supply customers and ensure that the right item is in the right place, at the right time and the right price.

Euromaint Rail is Europe’s largest independent maintenance company for rolling stock. Our purchasing and logistics system is fully adapted to the railway industry. We have access to all the most important manufacturers and maintenance partners and have the knowledge and the volumes required for effective purchasing.

We can deliver the required spare part to the right place in a short time. Our 30,000 most common spare parts can be with the rolling stock within one day of ordering.


Our spare parts supply is managed by knowledgeable and service-focused personnel, often with experience of maintenance work. We pick, pack and send standard components immediately and assist our customers with advice and specialist solutions when more unique spare parts are required. Spare parts via internet portal

There are many advantages to being a Euromaint Rail spare parts customer:

  • The right part, in the right place at the right time and the right price
  • Reduced capital tie-up
  • Efficient purchasing
  • A logistics system adapted for the railway industry
  • Effective customer service with very good knowledge of the products



Magnus Klaar