Effective efforts within maintenance of work machines

Euromaint Rail offers specialist technical expertise for the maintenance of track-mounted work machines for rail work and overhead contact system maintenance.

Our offering within the maintenance of equipment for infrastructure work consists of preventative and remedial maintenance as well as refurbishment, which can be split into four areas:

  • maintenance of work machines – at the workshop or in the field
  • maintenance of electronic equipment
  • maintenance of hydraulic equipment
  • refurbishment

A large part of maintenance work is carried out during the winter when the machines are not used for production. During the rest of the year, speed, flexibility and access to spare parts are essential.

Our maintenance organisation offers:

  • preventive and condition-based maintenance according to the manufacturer’s instructions and depending on the vehicle type and number of operating hours
  • remedial maintenance – both scheduled repairs and rapid reaction measures in the event of malfunctions
  • annual safety inspections of brakes, wheels, lighting etc
  • mobile maintenance

The preventative and condition-based maintenance is carried out according to a list of measures and can consist of, for example; replacement of worn parts and reprocessing of hydraulics such as pumps, motors and cylinders. We also carry out heavier maintenance such as the replacement of wheels and wheel bearings.

Mobile maintenance and operator support for maximum availability

Availability is essential when the work machines are in service as malfunctions and delays can result in large costs.

Our experienced service technicians are specialists in remedying faults that cause malfunctions and are available 24 hours a day for telephone support in the event of important projects. Our mobile service teams are always ready to resolve problems at short notice.

Euromaint Rail’s thorough expertise in track-mounted work machines means that we can also offer operator skills for comprehensive projects. Our service technicians consist of such as machine operators and are also available for maintenance assignments.

Full service within electronic services

We offer full service within electronic services, including:

  • calibration of measurement systems on track alignment machines
  • repair of circuit boards, sensors and other electronic equipment

Maintenance of hydraulic equipment

We have specialist expertise in hydraulic equipment and carry out:

  • maintenance and repair of pumps, motors, cylinders and valves
  • crimping of hydraulic hoses
  • analysis of hydraulic oil
  • change to environmentally friendly hydraulic oil
  • pressure and flow measurements

Effective refurbishment

Euromaint Rail also carries out the refurbishment of work machines for rail and overhead cable work. Refurbishments that increase the working life, value and performance of the equipment. Our refurbishment offerings consist of:

  • adaptation of foreign work machines to the relevant country’s conditions
  • environmental refurbishments, such as motor replacement and improvement of the working environment
  • working life extension for older vehicles
  • adaptation of work machines for working in the underground for example
  • modernisation of hydraulic systems

Specialist technical expertise and flexible organisation

Some of our strengths within the maintenance of machines and hydraulics for railway infrastructure work are that we have:

  • specialist technical expertise and sound system skills within electronics, hydraulics and control systems
  • long experience and a well established contact network for provision of spare parts
  • mobile maintenance organisation and technical support 24 hours a day
  • complete technical equipment for wheel replacement and renovation of axle gears for example
  • special tools for working with tamping units
  • employees with long experience and specialist skills