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Since November 2009, Euromaint Rail has had a full service commitment for the maintenance of SL’s work machines.

Stockholms Lokaltrafik (SL) is supposed to make it possible for passengers in the Stockholm area to get to work, school or leisure activities. This means that the trains have to run on time. And this in turn means that the tracks and tunnels have to be well maintained. SL owns a large fleet of machinery which takes care of the track maintenance, and Euromaint is responsible for maintaining the work machines.

Since November 2009, Euromaint Rail has had a full service commitment for the maintenance of SL’s work machines.
“It is important to identify and suggest traffic solutions suitable for a growing city at an early stage. Decisions on new expansions to rail transport services entail a lot of coordination work for those of us who work at Stockholm’s Public Transport Administration. The engineering works being carried out should inconvenience our passengers as little as possible. This means that reliable, available and safe work machines are needed,” says Viveca Swing, SL’s business administrator for work machines.

SL’s work machines maintain tracks and tunnels in the underground and tram systems, as well as the narrow-gauge Roslagsbanan railway. Since November 2009, Euromaint has had a full service commitment for the maintenance of these machines. Viveca Swing is generally positive about how the assignment has been carried out.
“Naturally there are challenges and areas for improvement to address, but we’ve been satisfied with the deliveries and the partnership with Euromaint. During the first contract period we could see that the working method was evolving and this, together with Euromaint’s experience, meant that we decided to invoke the extension option in the contract.”

Euromaint has many years of experience and a high level of technical expertise when it comes to the maintenance of work machines. The goal is to increase their availability and reliability. Gustav Jansson is the Business Area Manager for Work Machines at Euromaint Rail:
“Our task is to take on a full service commitment for the work machines. This involves everything from managing to developing the maintenance. The quality of our work has to be consistently high enough for the work machines to be both available and safe whenever they are in use,” he says.

SL has a fleet of machinery that encompasses around 120 machines, all of which are different. The work is carried out at SL’s three workshops in Stockholm. More extensive maintenance assignments are undertaken at Euromaint’s workshop for work machines in Åmål, which focuses on maintenance and refurbishment of work machines as well as associated electronic and hydraulic equipment.

In June 2013, SL opted to extend the contract period with Euromaint. The new contract runs for two years.
“This is an important contract for us, and it goes without saying that it’s marvellous that SL values our partnership and our expertise so highly. Now we have to continue to demonstrate what we can do and why we should be the first choice for SL,” adds Gustav Jansson.

“Euromaint’s professional know-how and specialist knowledge of our machines is unique. At the same time, they are adaptable and there is a strong desire to develop and improve. The level of service provided means reliability and confidence,” concludes Viveca Swing.

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