Effective measures in the event of a maintenance requirement

With effective technical maintenance and improvements of vehicles, Euromaint Rail contributes to making passenger transport rolling stock safe, punctual and comfortable.

Optimised maintenance strategy

  • Utilisation of workshop (Role, capacity distribution, adaptation of workshop as required)
  • Maintenance/SPLIT packaging
  • Takted maintenance
  • Remote monitoring to capture the latest fault pattern
  • Utilisation of comfort rep (controlled by goals)
  • Management of emergency maintenance

Our maintenance organisation offers:

  • preventive and condition-based maintenance based on maintenance schedules, i.e. the manufacturer’s instructions and depending on the vehicle type and number of operating hours. Preventive maintenance also includes safety inspections of brakes, wheels, lighting etc.
  • assignments with the help of mobile service teams in the event of malfunctions
  • daily maintenance that contributes to a more pleasant journey, terminal services, shunting, cleaning, graffiti removal and dealing with smaller damage in travel environments
  • more comprehensive maintenance measures in connection with overhauls
  • Effective management of spare parts and reprocessing of high value components such as traction motors, wheels and bogies
  • development of maintenance solutions that contribute to increased reliability and availability as well as extended working life for the vehicles.
  • minor conversions and improvements in vehicle performance in connection with workshop visits

Nationwide organisation for traffic services

We have a nationwide maintenance organisation for traffic maintenance.

The preventive maintenance is carried out in accordance with the vehicle’s maintenance schedule at our traffic workshops around the country. Maintenance is carried out during operational breaks to ensure that the vehicles are available when they are to be in service.

Remedial maintenance is carried out in connection with preventive maintenance or at scheduled workshop visits. In the event of fast assistance or when there is not a financial motivation to take the vehicle to the workshop, our mobile service team offers trackside help.

Components for all types of vehicle

We offer special maintenance solutions for high value components. Euromaint Rail replaces and reprocesses components for all types of rolling stock. The work is carried out at scheduled maintenance intervals, such as overhauls, or at the same time as repairing damage.

Thanks to our long experience and deep technical expertise, we can optimise maintenance by monitoring recurring faults and proposing long-term developments solutions, among other things.

Efficient spare parts management

Quick access to components and spare parts is required when a train breaks down, in order for the train to return to service as quickly as possible.

Our components, spare parts stock and workshops are strategically placed. Our logistics system is totally adapted for the rail transport industry and we have the right contacts with maintenance partners. Our spare parts stock covers 60,000 parts.

Minor conversions and improvements in vehicle performance in connection with workshop visits

Euromaint Rail also offers minor conversions that increase the service life of a vehicle and improve performance, comfort and design.

Through refurbishments we contribute to:

  • increased comfort for customers
  • technical upgrades
  • increased availability and improved punctuality in traffic
  • reduced maintenance
  • environment adjustments
  • modernisation of the driver and travelling environment

Some examples of passenger traffic customers:

  • A-Train, which runs the Arlanda Express
  • SJ, maintenance of X2 and locomotives for passenger carriage traffic
  • Tågkompaniet  


Magnus Klaar