Nothing can go wrong en route to the airport

From the centre of Stockholm to Arlanda Airport in 20 minutes. And a new ticket if the train is more than two minutes late. That is the Arlanda Express promise to its customers.

Speed, punctuality and comfortable travel are vital competitive advantages  or Arlanda Express, which every year has 55,000 departures between the centre of Stockholm and Arlanda Airport.
“I always take the Arlanda Express. It’s Quick and I’ve never had a train be cancelled or not arrive on time,” says Ulrika Morgenstern, a passenger who often flies from Arlanda.

Arlanda Express is owned and run by A-Train AB, whose greatest challenge is described as “in all situations giving the customers what they’ve been promised – a punctual, fast and environmentally friendly journey that Always takes place”.

This makes heavy demands on Euromaint, which has been taking care of the rolling stock maintenance since 2005. The contract was renewed recently and Martin Byström, Technical Director at A-Train, explains what he is especially pleased with:
“For us to be able to keep our customer promises, there must be service-mindedness in all links of the chain, even at our suppliers, and we think that is the case at Euromaint Rail. We’ve had extremely high availability for our trains and a good relationship with both the people actually carrying out the maintenance and those at management level.”

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