Component servicing

Separate maintenance solutions are required for high value components in a rail vehicle. Euromaint Rail reprocesses components for all types of rolling stock.

We replace and reprocess components at scheduled maintenance intervals or at the same time as damage repairs are performed.

We replace and reprocess components at scheduled maintenance intervals, such as overhauls, or at the same time as repairing damage.

Reprocessing is carried out on:

  • wheels, bogies and traction motors
  • transformers and generators
  • electronic components and smaller motors

In addition, maintenance is carried out on train power converters for supplying power in the railway overhead cables.

Short lead times keep the vehicles rolling

Availability is essential for vehicles in service. Through an integrated approach for component replacement in connection with maintenance in traffic and overhauls, the vehicle’s throughput time in the workshop is reduced. Components are removed and replaced with new ones, reprocessed components and the vehicle can leave the workshop.

The removed components are cleaned, maintained and repaired. After completed reprocessing, the components are placed in our component stock to be installed onto the next vehicle.

We have a well developed system with replacement components for the vast majority of vehicle types. This means that the lead time never needs to be longer than the time for transport and installation.

When a reprocessed component is missing, for example, if the vehicle type is new or uncommon, we send for a new component via our international contact network of subcontractors. If necessary, we can also reprocess a component whilst a vehicle is in the workshop for maintenance.

Expertise and volumes

Our volumes mean that we can continuously build upon our unique experience and thereby deliver added value to our customers in the form of improved maintenance solutions and more efficient production.

Our continuous inflow of components also contributes to ensuring fast access to new, reprocessed components.

Our effective, integrated component supply means that we can strengthen our customer’s competitiveness through:

  • effective industrial handling for short throughput times, high delivery reliability
  • continuous focus on more efficient production processes and improved quality
  • documentation for complete control and traceability of every single component
  • volumes that guarantee access to new, reprocessed components and lower capital tie-up for our customers
  • cost-effective handling of high value components


Magnus Klaar