Efficient maintenance passenger transport rolling stock

Our aim is to strengthen our customers’ competitiveness through maintenance solutions adapted for the specific needs of each customer. Our customers gain access to a flexible maintenance service characterised by high technical expertise and effective component and spare part management. Based on the vehicle’s turnaround plans and other conditions such as, for instance, vehicle type, vehicle status and available depots, Euromaint creates a maintenance solution unique for each customer.

Our offerings cover all types of vehicle for passenger transport rolling stock:

  • passenger coaches
  • motor coaches
  • locomotives (electric and diesel)

The main offer within maintenance of track-mounted vehicles for passenger traffic is complete solutions in which we take responsibility for all maintenance. Approaches and replacement models are based on the customer’s vehicle being available for traffic.

With Euromaint Rail as a partner the following is prioritised:

  • availability and reliability
  • cost efficiency
  • proactivity
  • quality that meets the high safety requirements set
    specialist skills within maintenance