Euromaint Rail offers minor refurbishments and vehicle improvements for all types of track-mounted vehicles.

We are experts in all types of passenger and freight rolling stock as well as infrastructure work:

  • passenger and motor coaches
  • locomotives
  • work machines for track and overhead cable work

Eliminate maintenance problems

The aim of refurbishments is to improve the comfort for travellers and extend the working life of the vehicle. Thanks to our expertise within both maintenance and refurbishment we can also eliminate traffic safety deficiencies and maintenance problems so that future maintenance assignments are reduced.

Vehicle improvements in connection with maintenance

As a maintenance supplier, we can offer modifications and improvements of vehicles and minimise downtime costs. A significant proportion of the modifications that may be necessary can be carried out in, or near to, normal turnarounds and in maintenance depots. This optimises vehicle availability and can reduce downtime associated with major refurbishments that need to be carried out outside normal turnarounds. When suitable, we carry out traffic refurbishments at times when the train is not in service. Replacement of windows is an example of remedial action that can be carried out at our traffic workshops.

Comfort related refurbishments

Comfort related refurbishments consist of: 

  • replacement of surface layer and seating
  • improvement of luggage handling
  • introduction of serving methods
  • updating of information systems
  • handicapped access

We also make changes to the external design.

Technical refurbishments

Technically related refurbishments consist of:

  • replacement of safety systems, ATC systems
  • emergency brake lower bridging
  • installation of disabled lifts
  • modification of brake systems
  • work on the vehicle’s infrared system
  • refurbishment of control and operating systems
  • electrical, Internet and telephone installations

Refurbishment of electronic components and smaller motors is carried out by our dedicated component workshops. When technical refurbishments mean that the vehicle and maintenance documentation needs to be adapted, we can help with this as well. We also provide training for onboard personnel and others who are affected by the changes.

Quality certified processes

When a refurbishment has been completed, the vehicle is inspected together with the customer. Operational tests where the refurbished vehicle is tested in traffic are then carried out.


Magnus Klaar