All vehicles and their components must be maintained according to schedule so that operators can get the best out of their equipment.

Euromaint is a complete supplier of cost-effective maintenance services and carries out maintenance in traffic such as overhauling vehicles and their components. 

We carry out all maintenance that is part of the vehicle’s maintenance schedule as well as remedial maintenance of unexpected damage. During the course of a vehicle’s working life it is taken to the workshop for more comprehensive maintenance procedures, so-called overhaul on a number of occasions. 

Overhauls consist of:

  • inspection of the vehicle and check measurement of a number of functions
  • preventive and remedial maintenance such as replacement of worn parts and consumables
  • thorough inspections of the brake system, motors and electrical system. When overhauling locomotives, for example, the vehicle is disassembled
  • replacement of high value components, such as bogies, traction motors and wheel sets
  • anti-corrosion treatment as well as any blasting and painting of the vehicle hopper
  • replacement of compressors
  • modifications and certain refurbishment of, for example, communication equipment, lighting and furnishings in the driver areas

Effective overhauls 

A number of Euromaint Rails workshops specialise in the overhauling of different types of vehicle. Örebro is our main workshop for locomotive overhauls. Passenger, motor and freight wagon overhauls are carried out at selected workshops ranging from Luleå in the north to Malmö in the south.



Magnus Klaar