Mobile maintenance

Faults that stop the traffic are costly – regardless whether it be a full passenger train or a long fully laden goods train.

When the stoppage is caused by a vehicle fault, Euromaint Rail’s mobile service team is usually called out. The quicker the fault can be rectified, the quicker the traffic can get going again and fewer delays are caused for other traffic.

Most of Euromaint Rail’s workshops are equipped with mobile service teams that can assist with everything from comfort related faults to derailments or breakdowns. The mobile units work at trackside or at strategic loading locations such as ports and industrial areas. Assignments include:

  • preventive maintenance
  • remedial maintenance in the event of damage
  • towing and clearing
  • replacement of axletrees
  • brake testing

Maintenance measures that keep the traffic moving

Euromaint Rail has offered mobile service teams for emergency vehicle repairs in traffic for more than 30 years, for passenger trains and goods trains or rail and overhead cable machines. This usually consists of remedial maintenance in the event of faults that cause stoppages or long delays or problems. In addition to remedial maintenance, the mobile service teams also carry out preventive maintenance where a visit to the workshop is deemed to be too time consuming and expensive. And the demand for mobile maintenance is ever increasing.

Sometimes, more comprehensive repairs are required, for example, in the event of derailment or damaged wheels. Our tow trucks are quickly onsite to re-rail a derailed train and transport it to the nearest workshop.

Large savings in the event of wheel damage

Freight traffic in cold climates is often affected by wheel damage. Our heavy service vehicles have equipment for replacing axletrees. The goods do not have to be unloaded and reloaded, which means large savings and minimal delays, as alternative transport is not required.

Brake testing is carried out after the wheel work to verify the brake status and to ensure that the cold or a brake fault is not the cause of the wheel damage.  After the assignment, the train can resume service.



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