Development of maintenance

The maintenance costs for a rail vehicle with a 30 year working life or more add up to at least as much as the initial investment. Effective maintenance therefore affects the direct maintenance costs as well as the vehicle’s working life and value.

Euromaint Rail’s technical organisation has worked for decades with different vehicle types, maintenance assignments and technical upgrades. The organisation’s collective experience is used to develop optimal maintenance solutions.

Our engineers and technicians within vehicle and system technology offer a number of qualified technical specialist services, including:

  • vehicle technical investigations or consultations
  • development of maintenance plans
  • development of technical documentation
  • LSC analyses
  • support in the event of new procurements or refurbishment of rail vehicles

Vehicle technical refurbishments

Euromaint Rail’s technicians are often called in the event of breakdowns for example, to identify basic causes of faults, suggest remedial action or to provide back up with technical specialist skills.  We also assist with new procurements or refurbishments of rail vehicles.

Effective maintenance requires technical documentation

We also offer production of technical documentation, for example, after refurbishments or when the manufacturer’s maintenance documentation no longer applies.

We review and evaluate existing documentation, ensure that new or upgraded documentation meets the authorities’ safety requirements and contribute to license processes, if necessary.

Development of maintenance plans

Our traffic maintenance is aimed at maximising the availability for our customers. As far as is possible, maintenance is carried out during operational breaks.

We adapt maintenance plans for timetables, workshops and maintenance requirements. Maintenance plans may also need adapting depending on fault intensities and the age of vehicle fleets.

The development of maintenance plans is based on comprehensive analyses of fault frequencies and the outcome of various actions.

We use systems for managing information that makes analyses possible and contribute to increased control and traceability.

Analyses for lowering the overall maintenance cost

Life Support Cost (LSC) is the overall cost of a vehicle – from delivery to decommissioning.

Euromaint Rail works with reliability analyses with the aim of optimising the vehicle’s preventive maintenance to avoid as much remedial maintenance as possible. We also suggest improvements that affect reliability.

LSC analyses consist of analyses of:

  • the fault intensity of the vehicle’s various subsystems
  • cost-drivers within maintenance
  • downtime costs

The aim is to optimise the overall costs from a working life perspective.


Magnus Klaar