Maintenance of wheels, bogies and traction motors

Maintenance of wheels, bogies and traction motors is performed at planned maintenance intervals for preventive maintenance or in conjunction with repairs.

Our effective, integrated systems for replacing high value components mean that the vehicle can be returned into service quickly. Worn components are removed from the vehicle and immediately replaced with new, reprocessed components.

The removed components are then reprocessed at one of Euromaint Rail’s dedicated workshops.

How wheels and bogies are reprocessed:

  • the wheel pair or bogie is removed from the vehicle.
  • the components are disassembled and cleaned.
  • after cleaning, inspections are carried out where our experienced technicians go through a number of check points.
  • damage is repaired and worn parts replaced.
  • the wheels are turned, if necessary, and wheel bearings replaced.
  • the return connector and axle equipment are replaced.
  • brake mechanisms and shock absorbers are checked on the bogie. Primary and secondary suspension is checked and repaired, if necessary.
  • if necessary, the repaired bogie is blasted and painted.
  • all maintenance work is documented thoroughly for traceability and follow-up. The remaining components are then added to our stock to be used on vehicles in the future.

How traction motors are reprocessed

  • when the bogie is removed, the traction motor is also removed.
  • the motor is disassembled and cleaned at our workshop. The motor is also inspected using a number of check points. Our service technicians look for mechanical damage, defective parts and any electrical faults that that may mean that the motor needs rewinding.
  • mechanical damage is repaired and worn parts replaced.
  • the motor is eventually rewound, and the winding is also VPI treated (impregnated under vacuum pressure) to minimise the risk of moisture damage that can lead to earthing faults. For almost 20 years EuroMaint Rail has applied a unique VPI treatment method, which increases operational reliability and extends the working life of traction motors.
  • the motor is assembled and tested.
  • all maintenance work is documented for traceability and follow-up. The reassembled traction motor is added to our stock and can be used for other vehicles in the future.

Industrial processes that give short throughout times

In Örebro, we run the largest workshop for the reprocessing of wheels and bogies in the Nordic region. Traction motors are reprocessed at Euromaint Rail’s workshop in Åmål. Efficient, industrial reprocessing of components occurs at our facilities, which guarantees cost effective and short throughput times.

All maintenance must always be undertaken fully in line with the documentation provided by the vehicle’s operators since it is the vehicle’s operators who are responsible for safety as required by the Public Transport Authority (Trafikstyrelsen). We maintain a regular dialogue with our client to enable us to develop and optimise all aspects of the maintenance.


Magnus Klaar