Maintenance of transformers, generators and converters

Euromaint Rail also carries out maintenance of rail vehicle transformers, generators and train power converters – in workshops or onsite with the customer.

The assignment consists of inspecting the equipment and rectifying any faults. Cracks are repaired, gaskets, grommets and windings are replaced to prevent oil leaks or impaired function. We can also refurbish the equipment.

Maintenance of train power converters

We carry out conversions and maintenance of train power converters for infrastructure providers in Sweden and Norway.

Besides the customary maintenance tasks, we, for example, install monitoring equipment and manufacture and install brushless exciters that reduce contamination of the converters and mean that the costs of monitoring and maintenance are reduced and the working life extended.

We also carry out inspections of the converters onsite in the field and provide support with updates and development of maintenance schedules.

Maintenance in Åmål

Maintenance of transformers, generators and converters occurs at EuroMaint Rail’s workshop in Åmål. The maintenance of corresponding equipment for companies within the process and power and energy industry also takes place here.

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