SJ expands partnership with EuroMaint Rail

01 December 2015 CATEGORY: EuroMaint Rail, Pressmeddelande

SJ chooses to expand the content of the Framework Agreement regarding component fabrication and also adds wheel maintenance for X2 vehicle types and passenger coaches by Euromaint. The agreement applies from the 1st March 2016.

During mid-October, Euromaint was able to disclose that SJ had chosen Euromaint for the fabrication of bogies for current X2 vehicle types and passenger coaches. SJ has now announced that Euromaint has also been given the task of maintaining the wheels of the vehicle fleets.

- “There are several strong competitors for the maintenance of wheels in the industry. It is therefore particularly pleasing that SJ have chosen to extend the framework agreement with us. We see the news as proof that they are satisfied with our delivery and with the developments we have undergone together over the last few years,” says Ove Bergkvist, CEO of EuroMaint.

The contract covers both preventive and corrective maintenance. Like the bogie assignment, wheel maintenance is performed at Euromaint's component workshop in Örebro. The workshop sees several synergies with broader responsibility.

- Euromaint has previously covered the assignment and it is an important deal for the component workshop in Örebro. “Retaining the business, enables us to achieve more effective coordination of component maintenance. We will now further develop the collaboration, but also continue to maintain high quality and reliability,” says Anders Repfennig, business unit manager and head of Euromaint's operations in Örebro.

The agreement comes into force on the 1st March 2016 and runs for two years with the possibility of extension.

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