EuroMaint guarantees service life of ÖstgötaTrafiken trains

26 January 2012 CATEGORY: EuroMaint Rail, Nyhet

EuroMaint Rail has signed an agreement with ÖstgötaTrafiken to carry out an overhaul of two type X14 vehicles. Thanks to maintenance work by EuroMaint Rail, they will be fit for use for many years to come.

ÖstgötaTrafiken is responsible for public transport in Östergötland County. Every year around 26 million journeys are made using ÖstgötaTrafiken, of which 2.5 million are by train. The company has a total of eleven type X14 vehicles used in the Östgötapendeln commuter service.

The two vehicles EuroMaint Rail will be overhauling are 16 and 18 years old, and require major maintenance so that they can continue to be used by Östgötatrafiken for many years to come. 

The maintenance work will be extensive. A type R1 overhaul will be performed on one of the vehicles. An R1 overhaul is performed after a vehicle has run 1.3 million kilometres and involves a major review and inspection of the vehicle's technical systems. The other vehicle will undergo an R2 overhaul. An R2 overhaul means that in addition to the major review and inspection of an R1 overhaul, the vehicle is also repainted. 

Both vehicles need to be taken out of service during the maintenance period. These overhauls, which will take just over three months to complete, will be performed at the Euromaint Rail workshop in Notviken in Luleå. The work is due to start in mid April.