EuroMaint enter into ten-year maintenance contract with Tågkompaniet

20 January 2014 CATEGORY: EuroMaint Rail

EuroMaint has been commissioned by Tågkompaniet to carry out maintenance on rolling stock operated by Tågkompaniet on behalf of X-trafik until 2024.

Tågkompaniet, who won the joint operator and maintenance contract for X-trafik last autumn, have appointed Euromaint as their maintenance partner for the Regina trains currently in service. This maintenance will be carried out at Euromaint’s workshop in Gävle from start of service on 15 June 2014.

- “While working together with Euromaint on Tåg i Bergslagen we developed a good dialogue and a good understanding on multiple levels of how we could work to achieve the best possible passenger satisfaction. We’re stepping things up a notch in this new collaboration for X-trafik by introducing a lot of new ideas which will help the company to achieve its target of greater availability for a lower cost,” says Håkan Jarl, Chief Operating Officer at Tågkompaniet AB.

Euromaint has a lot of experience with this type of rolling stock, and in the last few years they have been awarded several maintenance contracts for Regina trains. For example, in the middle of December, Euromaint started maintaining the trains running between Sala and Linköping.

- We’re really at the forefront when it comes to maintaining Regina trains. Gaining Tågkompaniet’s trust is proof of this,” says Ove Bergkvist, CEO of Euromaint Rail AB.

Brief outline of the assignment and EuroMaint in Gävle
• Number of trains: 6
• Model: Regina X50
• Number of tracks in the workshop: 8  
• Number of employees in Gävle: 43 
• Customers: Tågkompaniet, SJ, Green Cargo, Hector Rail
• Services: Maintenance of carriages and locomotives

For more information, contact:
Euromaint Rail:    
Anne-Catherine Worth, Communications Manager   
tel.: +46 7600 200 57  
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Håkan Jarl, Chief Operating Officer,
tel.: +46 26 420 64 24 
e-mail: This is an email address