Euromaint Rail Germany takes over works for RDC Deutschland

25 March 2013 CATEGORY: EuroMaint Rail, Pressmeddelande

On 20 March Eva Kreienkamp, CEO of RDC Deutschland GmbH, and Robert Lehmann, CEO of EuroMaint Rail GmbH Germany, have signed a contract on the modernization of two end wagons and four passenger cars of the former type series ÖBB Rh 4010.

The goal is to complete a six wagon unit for long-distance passenger transport and the subsequent accreditation of the rolling stock for the operation in Germany.

For this the wagons will be completely overhauled according to modern standard and equipped amongst others with electronic reservation displays and sealed WC systems as well as with sockets next to the seats and wi-fi provisioning.

The train unit will consist of two end wagons with non-subdivided passenger compartments and, in addition, of two compartment cars and two non-subdivided passenger compartment wagons. The completion this year is planned. The contract stipulates, that RDC Deutschland can order two further six wagon trains.

The operation of the wagons is scheduled for the Hamburg-Köln-Express (HKX).