EuroMaint Rail to refurbish 55 passenger carriages for SJ – new recruitment needs

07 November 2012 CATEGORY: EuroMaint Rail, Pressmeddelande

Euromaint is refurbishing 55, 2-class passenger carriages for SJ. The refurbishment will be carried out at Euromaint's workshop in Notviken, Luleå, starting in November this year and continuing until the first quarter of 2014.

The project will employ around 40 people and will requirement for roles ranging from electricians to installers.

The new project is a continuation of the refurbishment of 160 carriages carried out by Euromaint Rail during 2009-2011. The assignment obtained by Euromaint Rail at that time involved an optional additional contract for the refurbishment of a further 55 carriages. SJ and Euromaint have now finalised their agreement regarding the refurbishment work, which will take place starting in November 2012 and will continue until the first quarter of 2014.

The work will be carried out in Notviken, Luleå. The workshop has great experience of carrying out comprehensive refurbishments with good results. Normally, around one hundred people work at Euromaint's premises in Notviken, but the assignment from SJ means that new recruitment will take place.
"Our staff levels are adapted to our operations. The passenger carriage refurbishment is a large-scale project, which will employ around 40 people. We can free up some expertise internally, but we will need to recruit a number of employees; everybody from electricians to installers", says Daniel Eriksson, Workshop Manager for Euromaint Rail in Luleå.

The assignment concerns both equipment of a cosmetic and comfort-related nature, such as the replacement of seating and lighting, and also more technical alterations, such as the upgrading of some technical systems, emergency brake bridging, door upgrades and renovation of the vacuum system. In addition, the carriages will be painted externally.

The carriages will be taken out of service successively for renovation, and the work will take place in parallel on six to eight carriages at a time, which places major demands on facilities.
"In order to be able to work as effectively as possible, we have rented additional premises of around 2000 m2 with six track spaces", says Daniel Eriksson.

For more information, contact:
Daniel Eriksson, Workshop Manager, Luleå, tel.: +46 70 724 34 55, e-mail: This is an email address
Anne-Catherine Worth, Communications Manager, tel.: +46 76 002 00 57, e-mail: This is an email address

Brief facts about the job vacancies:
The following personnel are required:
- Electricians
- Installers, preferably with training or experience of:
1. Heating, ventilation and sanitation
2. Interior joinery
3. Maintenance
4. Carpet laying
5. Sheet metal working