EuroMaint Rail in partnership for efficient maintenance of Öresundståg trains

20 February 2012 CATEGORY: EuroMaint Rail, Pressmeddelande

Euromaint and DSB Vedligehold have been contracted to maintain the Öresundståg trains via DSB Øresund A/S. Together, they will supply a customised, efficient maintenance solution that increases availability and raises the technical quality of the trains.

The Öresundståg service runs in a circle between Helsingör, Copenhagen, Malmö, Gothenburg and Kalmar. In order to ensure full utilisation of capacity, maintenance will take place at DSB Vedligehold’s workshop in Helgoland, Copenhagen and Euromaint’s workshops in Gothenburg and Malmö. This will create the conditions for greater capacity utilisation by ensuring that maintenance can take place during the service’s natural downtime periods.

“This arrangement means that both the number of available trains and the maintenance capacity will be increased. We have operations in the locations in Sweden where the Öresundståg train service takes a natural break. This allows us, where necessary, to rapidly deal with faults while also carrying out preventive maintenance in an efficient way,” says Johannes Kandell, Head of Business Development, BA Passengers, Euromaint Rail.

DSB Vedligehold, which is a contractual partner of DSB Øresund A/S, has overall responsibility for maintenance planning. They are also responsible for the heavier maintenance, while Euromaint Rail is responsible for the damage repairs and the light, preventive maintenance carried out in Sweden.

The agreement was concluded on 22 December 2011.

For more information, contact:
Euromaint Rail: Johannes Kandell, Head of Business Development, BA Passengers, tel. +46 (0)739-20 07 04,
e-mail: This is an email address
DSB Vedligehold: Lars Wrist-Elkjær, Director, tel.: +45-2468 0080, e-mail: This is an email address,

Facts about the Öresundståg service:
• The Öresundståg service is a joint train traffic system for southern Sweden and Denmark operated by Veolia Transport on the Swedish side and DSB Øresund A/S on the Danish side.
• Every day, Öresundståg carries 100,000 passengers, with 30,000 crossing the Öresund. 
• Blekingetrafiken, Hallandstrafiken, Länstrafiken Kronoberg, Kalmar Läns Trafik, Skånetrafiken, Västtrafik and the Danish Transport Authority are the authorities behind Öresundståg.
• The service currently uses rolling stock consisting of 100 X31K units. This number will increase to 111 when the new trains are put into service.