Comprehensive maintenance offering

Euromaint offers all types of maintenance services for rolling stock for freight transport. Cost efficiency and reliability are essential to our customers.

Maintenance of locomotives and freight carriages occurs in the event of damage or according to set maintenance schedules and consists of:

  • Annual inspections, function checks and condition assessments
  • Preventive maintenance such as lubrication and replacement of worn parts
  • Remedial maintenance such as the replacement of brake shoes and wheels in the event of damage
  • The replacement and reprocessing of high value components such as wheel and traction motors
  • Preventive and remedial maintenance via mobile service teams
  • Heavier maintenance, so-called overhauls, of locomotives and carriages
  • Refurbishment, upgrades and adaptations

Mobile maintenance for more efficient traffic

The maintenance of rolling stock for freight traffic is becoming more mobile. Damage is rectified at trackside or onsite with the customer in ports and terminals. Our mobile service teams  are currently so well equipped that the vehicle can almost always be made serviceable at the site where the damage occurred. Our service vehicles are equipped with cranes and brake testers and can carry out:

  • Replacement of buffers, springs and wheels
  • Welding
  • Brake testing

The majority of our workshops have mobile service teams and reaction times depend on where on the track the damaged vehicle is, accessibility and what type of equipment is needed.

Maintenance and overhaul of locomotives and carriages

Availability is also the focus for the maintenance of locomotives. Preventative efforts have to be made during operational breaks and remedial maintenance is often carried out remotely. In the event of heavier maintenance, so-called overhauls, our dedicated locomotive workshops use special equipment and specialist expertise within locomotive maintenance.

Customised for freight transport

For the maintenance of rolling stock for freight transport, the strengths that we can offer are:

  • Technical specialist expertise and experience of all types of vehicles
  • A comprehensive workshop network
  • Well equipped mobile service teams
  • Customised maintenance solutions for locomotives and carriages
  • Short lead times
  • Efficient spare part distribution – the right parts at the right price
  • Experience of vehicle management and maintenance optimisation, developed solutions for maintenance documentation
  • Flexibility based on customer requirements on reliability and productivity

Our technical ability, experience, size and presence contribute to strengthening our freight traffic customers’ competitiveness with cost effective maintenance solutions that ensure vehicle availability, reliability, and working life.



Magnus Klaar