Comprehensive maintenance for steel transports

Euromaint is responsible for maintaining some 300 wagons hired out by the Swiss company AAE to its industrial customer, SSAB. The wagons in SSAB's "steel train" annually freight about two million tons of steel from Luleå to the steelworks in Borlänge, in the face of considerable climatic challenges presented by a great deal of snow and severe cold.

Euromaint provides a customised maintenance solution focusing on the availability of the wagons. Efficiency, flexibility and reliability are important bywords for the customer. With almost 30 years' experience of the transport challenges posed by cold climates, Euromaint is contributing to AAE's development of technology and maintenance solutions for transport.

Among other things, Euromaint has put forward a concept involving preventive wheel replacements in order to increase wagon availability during the otherwise critical winter period.

"Euromaint frequently provides more technical support than we requested. Something we are very pleased with", says Roland Rubischung, Operations Manager Scandinavia for AAE.




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