Quality and traffic safety

The demands on traffic safety and quality are extremely high for both passenger and freight traffic.

A train that travels at speeds exceeding 160 km/h carrying hundreds of passengers or a freight train loaded with chemicals, for example, requires the highest possible levels of safety and quality.

As a supplier of maintenance services and materials to operators and vehicle owners, we provide part of the industry’s traffic safety and quality work. Our deep technical and systems expertise in combination with our structured work methods create the right conditions for safe vehicles.

Overhauls, safety meetings and certified training

All Euromaint Rail’s workshops are quality certified according to ISO9001. Our traffic safety and quality work can be split into three parts:

  • Overhauls – we ensure that our services and products meet the Swedish Transport Agency’s and customer’s requirements.
  • Safety meetings – we systematically go through circumstances that could affect the traffic safety of the customer’s vehicle.
  • Certified training – approved certification is required for vehicle maintenance, fault tracing and repairs. Our employees are trained at our internal training centres so that they are always correctly certified to carry out traffic related work assignments. All employees also undergo regular health checks.

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