Euromaint contributes to a minimal climate influence by a wide commitment connected to maintenance of waggons and components.

Euromaint works in a structured way to ensure a systematic, continuously and repetitive way to find and correct environmental risks in the operations and to continuously improve the environmental performance of Euromaint and its customers. 
 Euromaint is environmentally certified according to ISO 14001.
Since 2004 Euromaint has been working systematically with environmental improving actions, including:

  • Switching to green electricity
  • Reducing energy consumption by 20 per cent since 2007
  • Reducing waste that is sent to landfills by 85 per cent since 2006
  • Introduced systematic assessment of chemicals before purchase
  • Reduced the use of chemicals hazardous for health and environment
  • Increased the share of environmentally certified suppliers

We continue our work to improve the environment. Euromaint shall be a natural choice for the customer with high environmental awareness within the rail industry.