About EuroMaint Rail

Euromaint offers qualified technical maintenance to meet customer requirements for well-functioning rolling stock fleets.

Our comprehensive range of maintenance and refurbishment services consist of qualified technical maintenance, provision of spare parts, refurbishments and component servicing.

Our know-how covers all types of rolling stock for passenger and freight as well as infrastructure work.

We have a network of workshops from Luleå in the north to Malmö in the south. Many of Sweden’s leading specialists within rolling stock maintenance work for us.

Turnkey responsibility for maintenance

We take overall responsibility for train maintenance and vehicle availability through availability contracts. The aim is to keep the vehicles available for service as much as possible so that our customers can focus on their core business. The maintenance offering covers everything from traffic maintenance to mobile maintenance, overhauls and development of maintenance concepts.

All workshops are environmentally and quality certified. We have been influenced by modern production philosophies and have introduced our own version of lean production – Rail Production System. RPS is an industrial management method for service production that contributes to the development of our workshops, work processes and employees.

Spare parts and components onsite on time

Euromaint Rail has a spare parts and logistics system that is fully adapted for the rail transport industry. Through the right contacts with maintenance partners and a dedicated logistics organisation we ensure that our workshops and mobile service teams have access to cost effective spare parts on time.

At our workshops we carry out the replacement of high value components such as wheels, bogies, traction motors and electronics. Component servicing is an integrated part of our maintenance service. Components are processed at Euromaint Rail’s component workshops in Åmål and Örebro.

Refurbishments that extend the working life of the vehicle

Through our refurbishment services we help to extend the working life of the vehicle, to optimise the maintenance and improve performance, comfort and design. We carry out external surface renovations such as advanced technical upgrades.